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Frequently Asked Questions
For Broker-Approved Training Activities

    Answers to Broker-Approved Training Questions
    • What is the requirement for broker-approved training?
      The total education requirement for all active licensees is a total of 18 hours every two years. Of that 18 hours, at least 12 hours must be in approved continuing education with 6 hours in designated subject matter, ˝Rţ courses. The remaining 6 hours may be in training approved by the licensee═s broker that has been recognized by the Commission or may be in additional approved continuing education activities. ˝Rţ courses may be duplicated in subsequent CE periods but non-˝Rţ continuing education may not be duplicated within 4 years. There is no prohibition on duplicating training activities approved by the licensees═ broker.
    • What is Broker-approved Training?
      Broker-approved training is an opportunity for designated brokers to seek out and approve training activities that they believe will benefit their licensees in performing real estate duties.  It is hoped that brokers will exercise care in analyzing performance, diagnosing indicated needs and seeking out training to address those needs.    Brokers will then go on record as endorsing certain training activities through their approval.  Licensees may take up to six hours of broker-approved training as a part of their 18 hour education requirement every two years.
    • Why is the Commission getting involved in training?
      The Commission believes that it is the duty of designated brokers to supervise and provide meaningful training for their affiliated licensees.  The Commission also believes licensees will generally benefit from meaningful training and that the public will benefit from a better trained licensee.   For years the Commission has been told that training is poorly attended and designated brokers cannot insist their affiliated licensees, who are independent contractors, attend. Therefore, the Commission decided to support broker-approved training by giving licensees up to six hours of credit toward the eighteen hour education requirement for attending training their broker has specifically approved for this purpose..
    • Where does the training come from?
      These activities may be developed by the broker, in-house trainers, guest trainers, independent educators, etc.   Providers of the training take on the administrative responsibilities as directed by the Commission in order for licensees to receive credit.
    • Can I get credit for attending training that any broker has approved?
      No.  To get credit for attending broker-approved training it has to have been approved by your designated broker.
    • How does a designated broker approve a program?
      Unless the designated broker is the Provider of the training program and meeting the administrative responsibilities, the broker will need to work through the Provider of a training program to submit his/her approval for it. Broker approval will be indicated by the broker’s signature on the Notice of Schedule form which must be obtained from the Provider. If the program is being offered for licensees of more than one broker there is room on the form for more than one broker to sign. Brokers who sign the form are approving that particular training program (specific to topic, place and date) for any of their affiliated licensees (and selves) to receive credit if they go. Brokers must get this form back to the Provider who’s responsibility it is to get it to the Commission prior to the program.
    • How can I verify that the Commission has recognized a training program AND my broker's approval?
      The licensee may contact the Commission office before the program to verify that the Provider═s forms have been received and that the broker is in the system as having approved the program. Please keep in mind that, in many cases, the broker approval forms are not submitted to the Commission until just prior to the program.
    • There is a big training session being held and several brokers have approved the same activity. Can I get credit for this activity?
      As long as your designated broker is one of the brokers that has gone on record as approving the activity and the Commission has recognized the training you can get credit for attending the activity.
    • How do I know what training my broker has approved?
      You should get this information from your broker.  You can also verify this information with the Commission.
    • I attended a very good training program but my broker had not approved it. Can he approve it after-the-fact or retroactively?
      No, a Notice of Training Scheduling which includes the broker’s statement of approval must be on file with the Commission prior to conducting every training activity for credit.
    • I have a conflict or I don't want to attend my broker’s approved training, what can I do?
      Licensees may substitute continuing education activities for all or part of the training hours.  The reverse is NOT true, broker-approved training may not be substituted for continuing education hours.  Licensees will continue to need at least 12 hours of continuing education with at least six hours in the “R” courses every two years.  All licensees will need 18 total hours of education/training.
    • If I take six more hours of continuing educaiton instead of broker-approved training does my broker need to approve the continuing education?
      No, the broker does not have to approve the substitution if the licensee chooses to replace all or some of the broker-approved training hours with continuing education.
    • I have noticed that all of the Commission recognized training activities have the same 4-digit content number. How can I guard against duplicating training if all the numbers are the same?
      Training activities are distinguished by the content number 9999T. There is no prohibition on duplicating training activities approved by the licensees═ broker. The thought is that some training may need to be repetitiveäit is up to the broker to decide. Please note, however, that the prohibition on duplicating continuing education remains the same i.e. ˝Rţ courses may be duplicated in subsequent CE periods but non-˝Rţ continuing education may not be duplicated within 4 years.
    • I am the designated broker or I am an independent broker with no affiliated licensees, do I have to do the training?
      The education requirement is the same for everybody with an active real estate license. Designated brokers (which include independent brokers with no affiliated licensees) have to get either 6 hours of training plus 12 hours of CE OR a total of 18 hours of CE. They can find training they want from a Provider and sign on to it for their own credit OR they can set themselves up as a Provider and take on the responsibility for maintaining the record, etc, for 1 person (him/herself) OR they can take the six hours in CE.