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The Real Estate Broker examination combines multiple-choice questions and real estate simulation exercises. The multiple-choice part of the examination consists of 75 questions (50 from the National pool and 25 from the State pool) and there is a score for that section. A score of 75% on this section is required for successful completion.

In addition, there are 8 scored simulation exercises (plus one being pretested but not scored). From these simulations there is an overall score indicating information-gathering skills and an overall score indicating decision-making skills. Candidates are required to meet or exceed the overall Minimum Passing Level (MPL) for both the information gathering score and the decision making score. Candidates need to achieve a passing grade on all three scores, at one sitting, to pass the broker examination.

The Candidate Information Handbook, which includes the content outlines and information on the examinations, may be found in this application packet and on AMP’s website at: