The Commission is interested in receiving feedback from the real estate licensee population and others who have contact
with the Commission Office.
You may have had a question, had a license issued or transferred, had continuing education courses approved, or hadsome other reason for contacting the Commission Office by telephone, regular mail, e-mail, in person, or through this website.We are interested in your opinion with regard to that interaction. Through this process, strengths can be recognized and areasneeding improvement can be identified and improved upon.
This survey process is in no way intended to replace or diminish personal contact with the Office or the Commissioners.Rather, it is to solicit more feedback on a periodic basis. As always, if you have any questions about this process ormatters in general concerning the Commission, please feel free to contact us.
Person Completing Survey: (optional)Staff Member Who Assisted You (if applicable):

1.                What was the reason for your interaction with the Commission staff? Please check all that apply.                 Application/New License           Complaint                Transfer                                         Laws, Rules, and Regulations                Continuing Education                 Request Packet (application, complaint, etc.)                Renewal                                         General Information                Trust Account                              Other (please specify)
2.                How was your contact made? Please check all that apply.                Telephone                 Regular Mail                In Person                   E-Mail                Website                
3.                Was your contact handled in a professional and efficient manner?                Yes                 No         Comment:
4.                Were you treated politely, with courtesy and respect?                Yes                 No        Comment:
5.                Did staff seem knowledgeable, and assist you in a timely manner?                Yes                 No        Comment:
6.                In using the Website, did you receive accurate, sufficient, and timely information?                Yes                 No        N/A        Comment:
7.                Overall, how would you rate your experience(s) and interaction with the Commission staff?                Excellent                 Good        Fair                 Poor                
8.                Do you have any additional comments or suggestions?